APC (automatic power control)

  • Power regulation based on photo diode feedback 
  • Wide range of supported photo diodes  
  • High stability analog regulation

Modular Design

  • Basic board upgradeable at anytime   
  • TEC controller for high stability temperature regulation 
  • High stability due to analog regulation 


  • Overcurrent protection as dedicated hardware solution  
  • Permanent monitoring and comparing of set and measured current  
  • Shutdown if a damage or defect of regulation circuit is detected 
  • Laser diode is shut down within a few ns 

Sirius Driver Series

  • Powerful analog and digital Laser Diode Driver with up to 180 W LD output
  • High performance bi-directional TEC Controller with up to 180 W 
  • APC and ACC mode
  • USB interface  
  • Seriel interface for easy integration in third party systems  
  • Modular design
  • 800 kHz digital and analog modulation

TEC Controller

  • High precision heating and cooling
  • PID high accuracy regulation with uo to 0.005 °C  
  • High output power of up to 180 W  
  • High output voltage of up to 36 V

Future Proof

  • Frequent software and firmware updates 
  • Digital and analog inputs and outputs for future applications 
  • Standard driver is already included in Windows  
  • Integratable in future applications


  • LabView based software included free of charge 
  • Powerful interface for all demands  
  • Extandable by user


  • Smallest in its class

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